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The goal of is to promote Ethiopia as tourist destination for both external and internal tourists. All contents on GoEthio must contribute to this goal. We do not endorse nor are we affiliated with any establishment, product or service listed or reviewed on this web site. We reserve the right to remove a review or not to publish a submitted content for the reason of non-conformity to our content policy.

We define content as one of the following: background articles under Ethiopia, travel journeys, news pointers related to Ethiopian tourism, pictures in our photo gallery, posts in our forums, listings of establishments, services or products in our services directory and reviews of the same.

None of the contents, other than those listed directly under our services directory should directly or indirectly try to promote an establishment, a service or a product.

If you are a direct stakeholder to a listing please don't write your own review. While we support your efforts to encourage honest feedback from guests, we encourage you to submit information by editing the listing only, a method set up exclusively for owners/management. If you have not established a user account with such privilege please contact us and we will give you access.

We only allow reviews based on personal experiences. We do not either allow reviews to be written based on an owner's incentive. Offering incentives (ex. discounts on current or future stays, room upgrades or any other kind of special treatment) in exchange for a review is expressively not allowed. Any listing not adhering to this rules will be dealt with accordingly.

We allow one review per person on any given listing. No repeated reviews of the same listing by the same reviewer, no questions for other reviewers or comments about other reviewers. Note: If you'd like to update a review, please log in as the same user who initially posted the review and you will have full access to the reviews you submitted, or if you posted the review anonymously contact us stating 1) the permalink of the review, which is the link associated to the number of the review located to the top/left of each comment, 2) the location you were at during your submission and we'll remove your previous review and let you know when you can submit a new one.

Content must be relevant and useful to other readers of this site. Thus adherence to the following is necessary: No personally insulting language or descriptions, no smear campaigns and no content not relevant and helpful to tourists. No reviews concerning your experience going back more than five years ago. No posts about political (whether general or specific), ethical or religious opinions. No hearsay is allowed, i.e. second hand information from a third party.

Questions to the editorial group or to Media A2 should be submitted through our contact form and not through a review post, other than if you want to report a case related directly to a review already posted in which case there is a reporting function associated with each review.

No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech or other non-friendly content. No reports of deaths, violent criminal activity or participation in any kind of illegal activity.

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